Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kannada is IN

Have you ever noticed? The number of Kannada songs played in the FM radio stations has dramatically increased. Before fever 104 was playing mostly Hindi and some English songs, but slowly it turned the Kannada way. The RJs started speaking in Kannada and the number of Kannada songs increased. Radio city has suddenly changed its face, from the past 1 month or so its mostly playing Kannada songs as against an hour of Kannada program. I wonder what triggered this change. I read somewhere that Radio Mirchi (which was incidentally one of the first channels to becomes pro-Kannada) wooed most of the listeners its way because of the Kannada flavour. I feel except for few parts of Bangalore where there is huge population of cosmopolitan crowd... hardly anybody else would listen to Hindi and English songs. Also off late the Kannada movie industry has suddenly woken up; as though it was just in deep slumber like kumbhakarana... the movies are better, the songs are even better; It has even managed to attract the biggies from bollywood.
Though I am proud of the fact that Kannada movie industry is doing so good... This pushing of Kannada through your nose is tad getting too much. I love the new songs no doubt about it.. but I can't hear the same song thrice in a span of 2 hours. If you tune into any station between 5:30 and 8:30 in the evening (at least that's when I listen to radio) you can hear the same old songs... "Jinke marina", "ninindale", "mugaaru maleye"... etc etc.., How much ever you like a song how many times can you hear it in a day?


Veena Shivanna said...

Hmm.. Haven;t heard many of the FM's lately. Now Mysore has 92.7 and 93.5 but still I don't regularly get to hear them.
I second your thoughts on the kannada songs, that Jinke Marina is so 'gaddala bharita'.. also one from gaJa, yaareni beDagi vayaari or something on those lines, oh GOSH I wonder what makes people like such songs at all.. Now a days the lyrics and compositions ella taaraKakke jaasti .. but Jayant Kaykini pens excellent lines!

Brian said...

Hey.. nice post on the kannada positioning taken up by most stations in bangalore today. One small correction though - think the first complete kannada private fm station in Bangalore was BIG FM and mirchi and others followed later last yr.


Kadalabal said...

yes fully agree and because FM's are going kannada way I am hearing so many non kannadigas humming these things so feel proud what ever may the reason it is good development. any thing too much is too bad like TV showing same thing news hour after hour of the tragic pictures and all channels compete with each other
kannada kannada kannadamayavagali kannadanadu
bengalooru vimana nildana adhikruthavagi prarambha agide inspite of so many hiccups
beleyali bengalooru
south bengaloorinavaru thumba plan madbeku airport reach aglikke

Vijay said...

They never seem to play old Kannada songs.... :-(

Spookie said...

yenakka...mathe yello hibernate ge hodahaage ide!!!

shark said...

@veena: Ade... nothing against kannada songs (or even the latest ones); but there should be atleast some variety alwa? They will keep playing the same songs again and again... irritating!

@brian: Oh was it BIG FM? I am not sure. You may be right. Somehow I assumed it was mirchi.

@kadalabal: I heard from people who went to the new airport that the connectivity is not that bad as it is made up to be. Travel time is only 30 mins extra ashte anthe.. which is quite ok if you ask me.

@vijay: Oldu illa newnu illa... bari adade songs.. again and again!

@sookie: Illa.. ille idini. Ivatthu bardidini noodu :)

Kadalabal said...

yes the volvo bus service appears to be doing very good and vijay travelled from jaynagar to airport in morning time in just one hour for frequent trvellors use of these buses will come very handy and it will have effect on the reduction of taxis so on and so on