Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I am bored

Yes. I am! I want something interesting to happen in my life. I know I know I am being greedy out here... but lets just accept it I am greedy!

I am badly missing my sister. She is in Australia right now and I have no female company in the house.

P has been extremely busy these days with his work and invariably comes home late.

We go to Mysore in the weekends to my in-laws place. But then, my in-laws don't let me do any work and so I sit around the house all day long with absolutely nothing to do! While P blissfully goes off to meet his friends.

Work is good, but unfortunately my whole team is in an another office and I sit all alone in a cabin and just do my work! I hate this! I need teams to work with.. it is more fun!

How I wish mini-shark was here! We could go for some window shopping or we could watch some movies at home.. or simply gossip about all our family members ;-) Aaaaaaaa why did she have to go! grrrrrr


Veena Shivanna said...

yaakri enaaytu ? ist bega bore aayta ? There is sanskrit shloka which reads similar to
tvameva maata pitha tvameva..
I learnt from my friend that this one is addressed to once spouse which means that he replaces the mom, dad etc.,
I do not know whether it has sister included in it :-)
Good post, atleast not another serious one!
Take Care

Kavi said...

Well, well, well ! Whats up ! We just heard the wedding bells toll, and you are missing your team already !


Deepti said...

Cool and very true, i am facing it now-a-days.

Sookie said...

Since you are sooo bored, why don't you start replying my mails hmm...?

Prashanth M said...

Add Shark Jr to the family. You won't feel alone then :D

Anonymous said...

what did pavan do? ;-)

you can add a prayer to my alma mater :-(.

- s.b.

Shruti said...

Hey cheer up dear....

StandbyMind said...

I know how that feeeels man :(
well nuthings ganna help it but ya...cheer up that is:)

shark said...

@veena: ist beega andre? I am not bored of married life.. I am just bored because my sister is not here :-( and I am sure P can never take the place of her!

@kavi: team is very important you see... it's easy to get bored with "one person" ;-)

@deepti: oh! you too..? Join the gang!

@sookie: oh yes I have to reply... wait maadi :P

@prasanth m: Ok hold on! First let me learn to manage me and P ... then we will think of addition...;-)

@s.b: pavan? didn't get the point!

and oh my! what an incident!!! truly will pray for the victims! But I think some people are simply insane!!!

@shruti: awww... i am trying to :-(

@standbymind: I am trying... I am trying :-(
by the way welcome here :-)

praneshachar said...

Life is like that what all we want to be with us can not be with us for ever. see your case you are now attached with another family so your parents can not have you the way you were earlier. now with so much of fast communication channels you need not miss for some time use a web camera (as your sis to use) and chat so you will have some consolation. cheer up and when you said I want somethin new to happen I though something else any how all the best cheer cheer and cheerup

Srikanth said...

Came here bloghopping (From Pavan Kumar Ver2.5 :)
Nice blog you have, and albeit late... Congratulations and best wishes for a Very Happy married life.

Will visit more often.