Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When I fell on the road

It was already 8:30am. I was 1 and half hours late. I generally leave home at 7 in the morning to office. Today I had overslept and here I was, running on the road to catch the last bus. If I miss this one, I will either have to take an auto upto BTM to catch our office bus, or take a city bus all the way till e-city. I hate both the options. The BTS buses specially going towards Hosur are filled with JP* men. Auto guys act too smart and demand extra because they know I am in a hurry, and want to make most out of this situation. I never give even 1 rupee extra to the auto guys, knowing very well that most of them would have already rigged the meter and so always end up fighting with them. I don't mind fighting as long as I have the time to do it ;-).

Anyway, all that apart and coming back to my running... I was some 50 mts behind the bus. This stop is the starting point for the bus, so it was parked on the side of the road. Suddenly I heard the driver start the engine so I ran.. and then... lo and behold! I fell on the footpath (maybe I tripped on a stone.. but it's quite obvious that I didn't notice it!).

Here I am lying on the footpath, my left knee badly hurt... and a passerby instead of helping me up says "yen madam noodkondu nadibaarda" (translation: what madam... can't you see and walk?").

The left knee was not very hurting... but his words hurt me. Have we become so materialised and impassionate that we can't even empathise with other people?

Anyway, I was late.. so I just got up and ran again to get into the bus. Not a very nice way to start the day.

* JP = Jhollu Party. This can be very well understood by Kannada speaking folks. For the benefit of others, a loose translation will be "A person who stares at you with saliva dripping from his mouth!"
P.S: I was NOT wearing heels.


bellur said...

hope you are fine.
injury or sprain illa thane?
(to be safe, better to take a tetanus).
take care

(JP odhi nagu banthu)

praneshachar said...

wish you safe and happy return
bellur advise follow madi
ayyo papa anth helle beku
husharagi iri

JP super agi ide

Prashanth M said...

Just being practical - if one (assuming its 'he') tries to help a lady - instant thought that comes to ones mind is he is also a JP...

And I assume that he was playing safe.

veena shivanna said...

Hey Hushaaru ma...

Same experience to me as well minus the 'nodkond nadibaarda thing'.. I still remember I didn't realise the sprain I had got till evening. I was running so badly to reach the office bus, if I miss it then its another big process to reach office!!! Post-Marriage affect^aa (wink*)!??

PM - enri idu ?? Atleast he could have minded his business! alva ?

pavan kumar said...

if he didnt know you were married, he should have helped you (rescuing damsel in distress..), tch tch, most of the love stories start this way (or mebbe I am watching lotsa TV)

but seriously, his attitude was bad, he should have lent you a helping hand instead of commenting on your "perceived short-sight"..

glad that your hands are safe.. so keep blogging :D and oh.. wishing a speedy recovery :)

Kavi said...

Hope you are doing better ! It takes many types to make the world. Some will help, many wont ! And the rest would comment. I guess it was a bad day.

Glad that it is behind you and hope this doesnt recur.

GuNs said...

Oh you have these smart alecs "distributing" gyaan everywhere.

We've coined a phrase for such incidents - "Gyaan Vitaran Samaroh". All such Samaarohs are condemned by all our gang and severly frowned upon.


Anonymous said...

so, i've met two bloggers. one has fallen running after a train and (now) one has fallen running after a bus. the next one i meet will likely run after an airplane!!!

"yen madam yada yada yada" ... ok ok, i'd better cut the cruelty. hope it was only your knee (like you mentioned) and that it is ok now.

you suddenly have got two new posts after what seems like ages, and i missed both of them (until now).

- s.b.

priya said...

Hey, beter have a check too. I have fallen once inside the bus when he applied a sudden brake and ther doing namaskaram. Ghosh, all my few college mates and friends were making fun, which god I am praying with so much divine.

Ashish said...

That is a big problem indeed, men watching with saliva dripping, makes one want to slap them or hope that sometime they make a pass at some concealed women police officer, and then ...

Sanjay M (blog offline till around 23 Mar 07) said...

My thoughts were the same as prashanth...

Just being practical - if one (assuming its 'he') tries to help a lady - instant thought that comes to ones mind is he is also a JP...

And I assume that he was playing safe.

My guess is that his was the safe way of showing concern. Sometimes people may speak rudely only because of their background, but still out of concern. Those are the same words my granny would've told me if I'd tripped and my granny really cared a lot about me! If he was really indifferent, he could've laughed mockingly at the situation, or even worse ignored you. It happened once in my office, I tripped and fell on a staircase (but didnt get hurt much but others couldnt have guessed that immediately) - I got ignored by my colleagues, and I can tell you that really hurt much more than my falling down! (and can really relate to your post in a way)

And about those who tell me "husshaaru" whenever I trip or stumble, I joke "adhanna beeLakkintha munche ne hELbekaagittu!" (you should've told me that before I stumbled!) ;-)

Take care (I know, I should've told you that earlier, but then you wouldn'tve listened anyway! ;-) ) and hope you get well soon, please dont neglect and give your knee some rest and some hot/cold packs.

Veena, in case you're around... what on earth is this new phrase 'running badly'?

Sanjay M said...

and I can never figure out when to use hot pack and when to use cold pack - so the generic free advice which is probably worth what u paid for it ;)

shark said...

@bellur: I am fine now :) It was not a major thing. Some small tharachu gaaya thingy. Had little body pain for that day but then I am all fine now :) Thanks!

@praneshachar: Thank you kanri... atleast neevaadru ayyo paapa andaralla.. ashte saaku :)

@prashanth: I can see your view point, but come on... nobody will term any guy as JP if he helps a woman who fell in front of him!
But then yes, if he continues to "help" even if the girl says it's ok and she can manage.. then he surely is a BIG JP ;-)

@veena: Thanks Veena, I am fine now. I think this is the story of all us poor office goers that too in company bus :)

@pavan: thanks and yes my hinds are fine! But I am out of ideas to blog on... any suggestions?

@kavi: It was not a BAD day... it was just a bad start.. after that I was all bindaas as usual :)

@guns: LOL on GVS!!!

@s.b: LOL! "She" tried to board a running train! I just tried to board the bus before it started to run ;-)

@priya: Oh ho! You fell in a bus. That's sad dear...:( and it hurts all the more I know! So many rods and stuff and to add to that, people all aorund laughing! Take care ma :)

@ashish: Oh! these JP men are very smart... they don't do anything very obviously... their stares will do the work! And no police man/woman can do anything about staring can they?

@sanjay: well... yes I will have to agree that this is also another perspective.
Colleagues ignoring can be very bad.. but a stranger ignoring is fine by me than passing such comments :)

When you have a muscle pain (the one in which your skin turns blue).. the you go for a hot pack. When you have open injuries like bruises and stuff, you go for a cold pack.
Ok how much are you going to pay me for this piece of doctorly advice ;-)?

Sanjay M said...

well they were colleagues but were also strangers as the company is so big that there's no way for everyone to know everyone else. Anyway now that we know how they feel, the bottomline I learnt from the post and discussion is now we need to be more concerned about people even if they're strangers...

wrt hot/cold pack thanks for the info... :)) how about an icecream + grilled sandwich on me (hows that for hot + cold! ;) contact me anytime or meet us during the next meet whenever that happens to collect the charge - no expiry date.

Veena shivanna said...


"Running badly" here has to be understood as Running fast :-) May be I wanted to say, to catch the bus very badly... grammer meshTre tappaytu :-)

shark said...

@sanjay: oh wow! you offered for a treat so easily... should give more advice and get more treats from you then ;-)
Will definitely try to make it to the next meet :)

Mysorean said...

Take care madam! Take care! Nodkondu.

Enakke late btw?! ;)

Anonymous said...

see how legpulling results from a badly running nose [see comments] :-). fyi, the anonymous comment on the linked article was not by me (though it could've been)!

- s.b.

M O H A N said...

Hope the hurt mind with ankle has healed now. Its customary for folks to say that..dont take much offence.

shark said...

@adi: Late yaake antheeya... because of "Late-nights" at Office :(
Thumbaa kelsa ide...

@s.b: Oh my god! I really pitty Grandpa... paavam!

@mohan: Oh yes. I am perfectly fine now :) Thanks :)
It's "customary"? :((((

Mysorean said...

Oh at office aa?! Sari sari. Naanu bere eno ankonde! :P

shark said...

@mysorean : Corrupt mind :P ;-)