Friday, March 23, 2007

Today a Bandit, tomorrow a MP

As far as my limited knowledge of constitution and it's rules and regulations goes, I don't think anybody with "proven criminal" background can contest elections, be it state or centre.

Then what are we seeing
First it was the famous Poolan Devi, now this one called Seema Parihar! Isn't this unconstitutional?
I don't deny the famous but often mis-used "innocent until proven guilty" phrase. But these are people who made movies out of their life stories where they openly proclaim that they have been dacoits/looters/bandits and here they are becoming MPs to rule us, to become the face of the nation, to become one of the makers of Modern-India :(
I am not being heartless. These people have gone through a lot in their lives. They have been misused, exploited which may have influenced them to take the law in their hands. I am not denying that part. As part of a responsible society, it's our duty to rehabilitate them and give them a good life. But a Lok Sabha seat? Isn't that too much to ask for?
Let us give them site/house, monthly pension and maybe a job also, if they are qualified enough to do it. But give them the reigns of power to rule our country?
So, today I become a bandit.. commit n number of crimes. Looting, killing .. you name it. Tomorrow I come up with a sad story of my life.. and make a movie out of it (with the looted money of course!) and day after tomorrow I get a Lok Sabha seat?
To answer the above question myself.. YES!


GuNs said...

In the film kya kool hain hum, Rajpal
Yadav wants to get arrested and go to jail so that he can become a politician !

Byt the way, its a LOOOOOONG time since I last heard the word "Bandit" ! Congrats for bringing it back in fashion.


P.S.: What city are you located in now?

Mysorean said...

Sad, but true! :(

Prashanth M said...

It happens only in India :)

Kavi said...

Look at our parliament. And sometimes i can only say that it would make no difference if a few more bandits got in!

Its sad but true. You raise such a pertinent point !

shark said...

@guns: Either people who elect them are fools or these people are too intelligent/cunning!

I am in Bangalore now :)

@mysorean and prasanth: :((((((

@kavi:How very true! Just few more will make no difference as anyway our parliament is filled with them only!

M O H A N said...

You havent heard the latest. That is abu salem is contesting elections. He has floated a political party.

Just imagine, this guy had to be dragged from lisbon and now suddenly he develops love for this country - that too to serve.

All these netas should be shot dead. I cried the day i found out the pakistan terrorists had failed to bomb the assembly in session.


the wannabe indian punkster said...

Oh but of course Shark. Now all you have to do is to go on a manic killing spree. Off you go now!

Anonymous said...


"I am in Bangalore now :)"

you need to update your "about me" section then :-)

'anisutide ...' is finally growing on me now - thanks neither to your post or the movie itself, but to our late lamented indian cricket team, tarle subba, and the churumuri gang (maybe not in that order!).

- s.b.

Ashish said...

A person, once convicted of a crime that brings a jail sentence of more than 2 years cannot contest elections. So, Phoolan Devi was never convicted, a court case was pending. Similarly, a lot of our politicians face cases, but unless they are convicted, they will continue to be in politics

Ashish said...

And nowhere should my comment imply that I supported Phoolan's right to become an MP

shark said...

@mohan: Oh yes I heard about that also! What a mockery of the judicary.
Read This!

The last line in the article says it all "Though Mubarakpur has almost fallen off the map – the weavers earn barely enough to support their families and most children can’t read or write – the neglected people depend heavily on a criminal behind bars to rescue them."!

So these people are just playing with sentiments of innocent uneducated people!

@the wannabe indian punkster: WHo ever wants to get into that dungeon called "Politics"...yukkk I am happy where I am :)
But can I still just go and kill people (whom I don't like ofcourse) just for the heck of it ;-))))

@s.b: Updated :)
BUT why Indian Cricket team?>?????

@ashish: Yes that's exactly what I mentioned. Though these people are not legally convicted, they claim themselves in front of the whole world about the lootings and killings!!! Seriously what a mockery! It happens only in India!!!
Even Italy has major underground dons etc.. very powerful people, but there also they do it only "indirectly".. not as "elected" representatives of the country!

Anonymous said...

i guess you haven't gotten around to hearing this.

if the cricket team had not lost, i would not have heard this adaptation :-). so i thank them too!

- s.b.