Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Marriage and there after...


I can hardly feel any difference. This maybe because I know P and his family for quite a long time now. Che! This is the side effect of a love marriage! There is nothing "new".... OK somethings are very new but I will not write about them *ahem*!

Initially my in-laws were supposed to stay with us. But now, my sil has delivered a baby boy and hence they are taking her to Mysore for few months. So I get to stay with P alone for few months and torture him as much as I want to!

Our new house is simply too big for me now! I have to come running from the kitchen every time I hear SRKs voice on the TV to the drawing room... Yes, this will help me loose some weight .. which is the ONLY good thing about it.

For the first time employed a maid for house hold work. She seems to be a little too free around the house. No shying business at all.... should learn to control her a little bit atleast. Any pointers?

Yappa! Reading the above lines, I look like a complete housewife material... oh my God! Somebody find the missing "miss" Shark.... now I can see only "Mrs" P........

Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd.

What did you expect? I will write the movie review in between my marital story? No Chance :)
  • For the first time got to actually "stay" with P and realised, there is lot more to him than what I have understood in the past 7 years! ufff who can understand men!
  • He simply hates Ghee..... and we were in those parts of India where Ghee is the staple diet ;-) So I could see poor P make a poorer face every time we had to have something to eat!
  • He is simply overly generous! what with 50 or 100 Rs tips every time we get a room service. Was he trying to show off in front of me of all the people?
  • Every time we had to travel to a different place in the car, we invariably had a fight. Why you may ask? I love to sleep while travelling and he obviously hates that. But tell me my dear friends, how long can you keep conversing with a person? I would finish telling my part of the stories for the day and promptly go to sleep.... he would neither tell stories nor let me sleep... isn't this unfair?
  • Ah! This is the best part. We were in Shimla, skiing and guess who fell 3 times? That was P!! and I didn't fall even once though this was my first try at it :-D
  • I was the better champion in horse riding also... I am not patting my own back, but P was sitting on it as if he was sitting on a bed of thorns.... and after a long ride of 1 and half hours he could barely walk properly!
  • But then even though I scored so many points in the other categories, he is simply the best in photography. He took some amazing pictures of me and mother nature and I was at my horrible best while taking pictures of him...
  • Come Manali, we were promised the "best" by the travel agent (obviously) but we ended up in a resort which didn't even have a room heater and the temperature was -5 degrees!!!
  • Agra was a dream. Taj Mahal is simply unbelievable! Even though we were standing right in front of it, we could not believe our own eyes. The beauty of it is simply mind blowing! But unfortunately Agra as a city is at it's dirtiest best! If that this is the way we treat the city which houses one of the 7 wonders of the world, then God only should save us... really!
  • World record - We did shopping in Delhi for almost 15 people of both our families in a matter of 3 hours. Wah Shark Wah!
Well, Shark aka Mrs P is now back!!!


veena shivanna said...

Hey Nice to see a post after a loooooong break. Simla Manali is one of the best places I have visited. Did you guys go to Ruftan Pas? It was indeed a great experience.

Mrs. Shark, enjoy Your Married life.. Are you planning to post another one soon, saying 'some good news' :-)?

BTW, Congrats on becoming 'atte' for your SIL's baby!

Footnote - Hope married life will not keep you so busy, be generous on updating with blog posts.

Bharatanatyam blog du enu kathe ??

priya said...

Such a cute post and when you
write that, a beautiful feeling comes too.

GuNs said...

Welcome back.
By the way, since you are married, does it mean that all of us cant flirt with you anymore?



pavan kumar said...

good to see you back.. so now 1 down, 1 more to go huh? :)

PS: could you plz pass on my a/c info to the ever-generous Mr. Shark?

pavan kumar said...

dear friends.. with great pain, I regret to inform that the blogger previously known as "Peace with guns" is no more.. he was last seen in this pic

PS: j/k, hope p-w-g takes it with a dash of fun

Prashanth M said...

Welcome back...

lol @ Guns' comment..

Anonymous said...


aren't you already aunty many times over? give the newbies some time ok? :-)


welcome back, we've been busy roasting srk all over the blogworld. you should have felt the heat all the way up at manali.


lol at that picture! what is the proof (dangling guns overboard would be acceptable proof) that it is not you vs. little shark?

- s.b.

ssk said...

welcome back mrs P from ur much needed hiatus ;-)
& the mistake was on me I had wrongly deduced that u were in infy...
Will this blog become a Mr & MRS P's blog or will Shark's identity survive alone in the blogosphere ???

shark said...

@venna: We couldn't make it Rothang Pass as it was closed due to heavy snow storm :(

"some good news" is still very very far away....:)

Life has become reallt busy :( But will still try to keep up my old pace... lets see...

I know! The other blog is sadly neglected. Will get back to it soon...:)

@priya: Thank you Thank you :)

@guns: Come on! I am still the same old Shark.. we shall continue to me like how we were before.. ;-)

I have the advantage of P not visiting this page ;-)

@pavan: The "process" has already started for the other one... ;-)

If you do some "kelsa" you will get generous tips.

P is still not that generous to simply give away his money.

and ROTFL on the pic!! Come on.. I am vegetarian :P

@s.b: I refuse to see such unecessary bashing.. it does not bother me... A King is a King is a King... If some people choose to disagree.. well.. what can I say ;-)

@ssk: Shark is very much here to stay as "Shark"..:)
As I told, P does not visit here often. This is more MY space :)

But then, there sure will be more mention of P since he is so much part of my life now :)

k@rTh1K said...

welcome back Shark... :)

bellur said...


praneshachar said...


Mysorean said...

Happy Women's Day madam!

And a very happy married life! Ensoi!

LOL @ that picture! And asking Pavan the same question that S.b. has asked!

Sookie said...

Hey Mrs. P, Congrats and wish you happy married life. Sorryy...I couldn't make it to your wedding.

veena shivanna said...

Mrs P, pls blog post change maadi, congrats for completing one month... & thanks for the lunch treat!

Ashish said...

Nice post. You must have been on an extended honeymoon, having covered both Manali and Agra which are 2 different destinations.

shark said...

@karthik: Thanks! No new posts on your blog at all? What happened?

@Bellur, Praneshachar and Adi: Thanks a lot for the wishes :) Both for the womens day and marriage!

@sookie: I am not talking to you!

@veena: It's up with a new one today :)

@ashish: It was not "extended". It was planned that way :)