Monday, February 05, 2007

Finally the details about the "Wonderful thing"...

I know! I have been going on and on about "something-wonderful" in few of my previous posts :) Finally it's time to announce it, though I am sure most of you have guessed it already!
After a 7 year long wait, I am finally getting married to P! The D-Day is 9th February 2007. I am not sure how happy he is, but I am at least on top of the moon :) or do the kids these days say something like ninth cloud? whatever!
Thinking about it, my life is going to change completely!
  • I can no longer come and go to office as and when I like it. What with family responsibilities and all that stuff!
  • I can no longer have Maggi for dinner! P hates it! So I will have to cook something at least for him... :(
  • Once my in-laws join us then it's total bliss :) My mom-in-law loves to cook and I love her cooking, so... you can imagine the rest ;-)
  • I (think) I will have to take "permission" and all... if I have to go somewhere, like out-of-station kinds... oh my!
  • I have heard from my married (read experienced) cousins that husbands are extremely sensitive. E.g: In my mom's house, if my mood is off for no particular reason, all I have to do is tell my mom not to disturb me for few hours and I can brood/ sulk/ read a book or do whatever in my room and nobody bothers. BUT it seems husbands are not like that, they will think any mood-off is caused by them! (which is very sweet...) and will try to rectify the situation, when it is not required to do so :). Well.... I will have to learn to live with it!
  • The worst of all... I will now have to share my bathroom with a man! This is one place where I spend a lot of time and love decorating it the "female" way.... now I can't overdo it! For now I will adjust, but once we have our own house, I will make sure I have my own separate bathroom :)

The list can go on and on, but I think it's better to continue it after some real experiences :)

P.S: If you are in Bangalore, and would like to attend the great shark's wedding... mail me, and I will send you the invite with pleasure ;-)


pavan kumar said...

and all the fishes in the ocean rejoiced.. :)

Wishing you and P a Happy Married life!

GuNs said...


Thats weird, I've been reading about your blog for quite some time now and I never came across any mention of a certain "P" in your life !

Weird. After reading that your dad owns an "empire", I was about to propose to you.



Shruthi said...

Congratulations! And all the best! And yes, have lots of fun :)

Kavi said...

Oohh !! CONGRATULATIONS !! Thats great news ! All the very best to you as you step on to a new chapter!

I am in Bangalore and would love to see you guys !! Anywhich way, all the very best !

priya said...

Congrats:) and wish you all the best..

Jo said...

Congratulations !!
And dont forget to have fun at YOUR wedding !! for most couples the wedding passes by in a haze..what with people trying to get you do hazaar things at the same time!!

Saritha said...

Wish u n P a very happy life together. Have fun!

Prashanth M said...

Thought you were married when I met you in RS!!

Anyway, congrats and wish you couple a very happy married life :)

Anonymous said...


you need to find the beginning of the blog and start reading from there - p has been mentioned multiple times (btw, reading the blog implies the comments sections too!).


you should be doubly happy, as the "seven year itch" is behind you. :-)

congratulations once again. sorry i cannot make it.

- s.b.

Sudhakar said...

Congratulations Shark. Have fun!!!

praneshachar said...

Hardika shubhashyagalu
maduveya i bandha agali olleya
sneha sambhanda bhagawantha
nimmibbarigu anathanatha sukha santhosha shanthi nemmadi makkalu !!! kottu haraisali

It appears you have done a good home work with lots and lots of inputs from your cousins
all the best

Mysorean said...

Congratulatoins and all the best! :)
May God Bless You (both)!

ssk said...

hey shark..

congrats P with infy too ?? a good old thamizh wish : pathinaarum petru needodi vaazhga ;-)

Prashant said...

Hey, thats good.
So i get to know your blog just a day before your marriage.

Wishes for your future life......

k@rTh1K said...

wishing you and P a happy married life !!!

Ashish said...


I am reading this post around 8 days after the marriage, so you would be off travelling somewhere, enjoying your honeymoon. Have a great time, and post some pics of the marriage.
Maybe we can finally know who you are.

shark said...

Thank you all for the wishes!
P also says thanks :)

Guns, you are just late by 7 years ;-)

jo, though I had decided I would have fun at my wedding... everything went in such haze that now after seeing the wedding snaps, I wondering when did this happen? when did that happen ;-)

ssk P is not with Infy. But why the "too"? Am I with Infy?

welcome here prashanth