Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank You

Sometimes people touch your heart very unexpectedly. Here is a note of thanks to all those people whom I don’t know at all. But they surely make this world a better place to live.

  1. N Krishnan in Madurai. In these days when people refuse to even look after their own parents, here is a guy who feeds mentally ill people on the streets of Madurai and that too three times a day! How can you ever say thanks to this guy? No amount of praise is enough. All I could do was shed those tears of joy. As the elders say, its because of such people that we have rain and harvest still in this world!
  2. All those municipal corporation workers who clean/repair our drains. It’s a thankless job to say the least. Not to mention what meager salaries they get for doing such a job. Just imagine how our homes would be without them… so a BIG thank you to all of them for keeping our homes mess free in an indirect way :-)
  3. Traffic policemen: We work in air conditioned offices… if not that atleast an office with a fan, sitting at one place and yet crib about job non-satisfaction, lesser amenities and what not… Just imagine the conditions which these guys work day in and day out. Dust all around, people not heeding to their instructions.. how frustrating can life be? A little note of thanks to all the traffic policemen!
  4. Construction Workers: Most of the big time builders boast of big and successful projects. But ultimately each brick is laid by an anonymous construction worker. Here is a note of thanks to all those who have toiled in rain and shine for making our lives comfortable.
  5. Scientists: Imagine how our world would be without those lives saving inventions. Be it in medical field or even home appliances field for that matter… our lives are much more comfortable, safer and luxurious because of these inventions. A BIG thanks to one and all who made this possible.

Well, the list can go on and on, so let me put a stop to it and say a general thanks to all of those people who have made this world a better place to live!

P.S: There is no point in telling where I was all these days. Let me put it straight.. I was plain lazy! So lets get to the posts right away.


Kavi said...

Glad to note that the lazyness is moving off !!!! :)

And yes, these are plain ordinary people doing an extraordinay job...of ordinary jobs ! Or atleast, the ones that seem 'ordinary' ! :)

Count yourself if. For in my opinion, anyone who turns in an honest effort, and makes a difference somewhere, is making a difference...

praneshachar said...

welcome back hope we will have good posts pour in back with a bang like thing
Yes what all said about all people is very much true and I fully second your feeling.
krishnan from madurai is great indian a man with a differenc it needs lot of grit committment and kudos to you sri krishnan for your marvellous service at this age itself

Shark said...

@kavi: count me in? I have not done anything at all as compared to these people :)

@pranesh: i hope so too.. that i can post more!

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