Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rain Rain

Its that time of the year when you have to carry an umbrella wherever you go. You can never say when the rain gods will smile on us!These first showers apart from being extremely romantic brings back fond memories
  • During school days, it invariably started raining at 4:30pm and we used to blissfully go back home completely drenched!
  • Power cuts are inevitable during rain… this was story telling time to my sister mostly movie stories…standing near the window and staring at the rain.
  • This is the time of the year when all the noses start running and hankies are liberally stolen in school!
  • Rain during college days called for bike rides! No amount of persuasion from parents made us wear any raincoats or carry any umbrellas.
  • Suddenly samosa, churmuri and masala puri tasted all the more yummy!
  • The most dreaded thing was always making sure that our books did not get wet!

This rainy season also has some typical characteristics

  • Most of the wedding receptions go either empty or people turn up very late “after” the rain and hence the party goes on almost till midnight
  • If your house has a big portico in front, you would end up entertaining atleast 2 or 3 people every evening who would have come to take shelter from the “sudden” rain.
  • Walking on a road after a rainy evening is a treat to your nose… every house smells of either pakoda or bonda or some other rainy-delicacy!
  • Not to forget the horrible traffic jams. You are struck somewhere in the middle of nowhere for hours!
  • Its also time for your slippers to go to the cobbler every now and then ;-)
  • Not to forget the viral infections. Most of the doc shops are full during this time of the year.

Whether its something good or bad this season sure is specially romantic. To all rain lovers.. happy rainy days!


Kavi said...

So how is the promotion doing !?! Now that there are rains...!

Hope all is well with you. Its been some time.. !

praneshachar said...

good bad ugly rain is rain and it gives lot of joy to so many yes pakodas, bondas with hot tea/coffee way to enjoy spend time looking outside from your home
your post is like rain coming ur posts have become seasonal too busy with both
come back like rainbow after rain and keep waiting readers to enjoy your posts too along with all crispy things it adds cream to cake

Ugich Konitari said...

How can you forget young children traipsing through puddles, and giving the water one big almighty stamp, getting water all over their clothes, and everyone else's ....always around 4:30, so they reach home spattered with glorious mud ....:-)

shark said...

@kavi: yes all is well.. have been lazy.. ;-) more updates on the promotion soon :)

@pranesh: yeah! have to agree that my posts have become seasonal... i will be more regular for now on for sure :)

@ugich: oh yes yes.. thats one of the most lovely sights to see :)