Thursday, January 18, 2007

TV, Me and SRK

You knew I would write about this. Didn’t you?
Ah! I have become so predictable… time for a change I guess. Anyway for the time being I will continue to be boringly predictable.
Is banning TV channels/programs the solution to uphold morality?
With the recent ban on AXN, I am sure lots of adults are cursing the government. After all they say, we are adults and we know what to see and what not to see. Who is the government to decide that?
  • First of all, why ban it now? The show has been aired for 3 years now. So whatever damage was feared has already happened.
  • This show was aired after 11pm, which I feel is a reasonable bargain. Most of such shows are aired after 11 so that only adults can watch and not children.
  • If on top of that your children are watching it, this is not the channels fault. It is gross negligence on the part of parents.
  • Moral policing can be acceptable from a govt body/person as long as that govt body/person is sticking to morals in the first place. When we see day light looting in front of our eyes by the same person, and he comes up with such a rule for a TV channel citing morality all we can do is boo him out!
  • OK, for a moment lets agree that they are doing it for our own good. Then why have they left out fTV? What about all the cabaret numbers in the movies which are shown day in and day out? What about all the females clad in skimpy clothes in the name of designer stuff being VJs and DJs? Why not ban them all? Why only AXN?

I can’t help but think, they are expecting huge money from AXN and that’s why all this natak. I am sure these people are least bothered about morality and stuff like that!


At this point in time, something wonderful is happening in my life. I am very excited. Details will be out soon.

SRK to host KBC

Why can’t people stop comparing? Why everything Shah Rukh Khan does have to be compared with Amitabh Bachchan? Amitabh is a legend. Obviously nobody can match him, not even his own son. Then where is SRK? But why deny a fair chance and an objective feedback to an actor just because he is doing some things which Amitabh did?
I am sick and tired of these endless comparisons!
But then as the saying goes “A mango tree with the maximum fruits attracts maximum stones”. So SRK will have to bear with all these stones


Anonymous said...

hey, what about when srk wins?

do you check your e-mail anymore? :-)

- s.b.

Kavi said...

Thats an important point, about moral policing. The public out there is not kids ! Parents and each individual ought to take responsibility ! And banning AXN is not going to get them the votes. Wonder why they do these

Gini said...

When will the details of the "wonderful thing in your life" be out on the blog? Before or after? :)

pria said...

I am not sure about the program you are talking about. If they think to ban FTV then many women in media, shud be banned form wearing indecent dresses too.

Our people are mindset and love to compare for no reason.

praneshachar said...

as you have guessed it must be to reap some gains this gimmicks are played by politcians. If you have to ban there are so many things to ban yes basic discipline should come from all including parents.
But today with Internet and cyber cafes all around it is self discipline that should work rather than this forced issues. morality should be taught and values inlife to be told at the appropriate time and future generation to know these things.; hope things will improve
Hearty congratulations to you for "the wonderful thing happening in your life" !!!!!!!!!!!!

shark said...

@s.b: Oh yes! I had checked it.. but didn't know what to comment. I felt they made more fun of SRK than declare him the winner ;-)

@kavi: I am sure there must be a more ulterior motive.. like they are expecting money or something.. otherwise do you really think those people are bothered about our morals?

@gini: Maybe sometime next week.. so surely "before" :)

@pria: Exactly... they should really ban a lot of other channels than actually AXN. But as I said they are least bothered about morals ya.. it's something more behind it.. like money or something!

@praneshachar: Agreed. but then again I get a question.. who decides what is moral and what is immoral? I feel beating your wife is more immoral than seeing a blue film.
Alas! who is thinking on the actual "moral" terms here anyways...**sigh**

and thank you thank you :D :D

Ashish said...

As long as there is a policy, the government should implement the policy; if they don't have a policy, then they should form one after taking the opinion of a cross-section; but to have a minister decide on his own what is indecent and obscene is strange and smacks too much of incorrectness.
AXN should go to court, and if necessary, file a case for damages. Think how much audience they will loose because some parents will try to prevent their kids from watching AXN even during normal hours whenever it gets back online.

GuNs said...

What programme are you talking about here? You forgot to mention that !


pavan kumar said...

let me be the first to congratulate you on "the thing".. so, feb 1st week aa? and if I am wrong, please dont stop visualising me as a psychic.. I am.. I really am.. :D

reg. banning AXN, I somehow think the more restrictions one imposes, the more sex-starved Indians we would get (not that a moral-free society is the solution) as was best reflected by the recent 70-guys-gang molesting a single girl.. but you summarized the points well beyond any more additions.

praneshachar said...

when I was changing channels I was surprised to see AXN? game is over
deal struck?
yes shark I agree definition of Moral and values it is just anybody'd guess in today's context/
parents doing things which are not ok and preaching the children will have more of ill effects than the good. people can preach only if they are practising the same
achara helodu anachara madodu antharalla hage

veena shivanna said...

Congrats once again.
About TV... certainly yes...! it will make the difference ansatte.. yaake andre, when its readily avaialble then people tend to do it/watch it. If its no more there, they don't bother to go out of the way to do it.
Govt applies some rule, its easier to control than teaching morals to people. alva ?
jaaNanige maatina peTTu, koNanige doNNe peTTu.. something of this sort.
Certainly TV is a very good media, but one needs to be selective to watch it, this is a challenge w.r.t kids! :-)
Parents should teach then the first good lessons of life & live them to learn the rest, its more easier then teaching them till the last lesson, by this time they would be loosing interest learning that way from elders !!!

SRK.. program aagle start aayta ? I sent SMS, they said I would receive a call but NO. I had cleared 2 rounds 6 years back & later no luck in the lucky rounds(lottery)! Appearing on TV is anyday exciting.

Lets your life be full of wonderful & exciting experiences Shark.... c u soon

Your truely,

k@rTh1K said...

all of them have said what i wanted to say already... am way tooo late :)
so all i have to do is
_naan amodhikaren_ :)

life is beautiful, with exciting things... waiting to hear


shark said...

@ashish: Very true. Policies and personal fantasies are so different! But these people never seem to get the point.

@guns: Ah! the program is something called "Worlds most sexiest ads" or something like that.

@pavan: Thank you :D Yes first week of feb. You are right.. but I will still continue visualising you as a psychic :P

@praneshachar: Even my cable guy is still telecasting AXN.. maybe he still does not know about the ban.. or was it just a gimmic to divert the attention of the public?

@veena: Can't agree with you more! But these programs are aired after 11pm which is fair enough as many such "A" rated programs are aired at such time.
Children have access to much more things today. Is internet not enough? I don't they are least bothered about TV programs...!

Ahh SRK program has started.. and it's a treat for me :D:D:D

@karthik: :) You will hear soon about it.

Mysorean said...

Reg: SRK hosts KBC

Even I posted about that.

Wasn't reading blogs for quite some time. Back now.

Your name was missing from my blogroll. Need to fix that too. And strangely it was only yours and gini's that are missing. I hope it wasn't seen as a conspiracy! heh heh (Not that I am that important for you guys to think about my blogroll!)