Friday, December 01, 2006

Crocodile Crocodile.. which color do you want?

Do we remember this game which we used to play when we were kids? If I was in Arkansas at that time, I would have never lost to the crocodile!
Yes, it is still not CA-trip story telling time. I just have one more story to tell. After that CA news is all yours :)
2 weeks back we drove to Arkansas to see the fall colors. You name the color it was there!
Day 1: Started early in the morning. Had rented a mini-van, 7 seater. Drove it in full josh :)Texas, where I live is a very dry state. There is not much vegetation. But as we were nearing the end of Texas we could see a lot of vegetation and some fall colors here and there too.
I will not go into each and every detail, it's going to get too boring to read. Some interesting points

  • One of my friend had got his parents also on the trip. Travelling/staying with them for 2 days made me realise it's not easy to travel with our parents.

  • When I was in Germany, I knew for sure that my parents wouldn't be comfortable there. But I had thought that in USA they will be comfortable. I can make them come here sometime... But this trip made me realise a LOT of things.

  • Food will be a major problem. My parents being extremely orthodox, I am sure they won't eat even in the Indian restaurants here as they serve non-veg too.

  • They will not eat bread and stuff, so places like subway is also ruled out. So where do I take them to eat? I will have to make 100s of chapathi's from home and take it. That's all.

  • Restrooms will be another problem, them being not used to the western toilet.

  • So, though it was a bitter realisation. My parents won't enjoy if they come here :(

That is me feeling sorry for my parents. I don't know how my parents would react after coming to a foreign country. I am sure my father will take it well as he has been to Russia and parts of Europe before. My mom is very sporty so she will also take it well.. at least that's what I hope so.

But my friend (lets call him Dh) Dh's parents are a little too much in awe of America. Sometimes it would becoming embarrassing even for Dh, when they would "touch" a cute kid. Or times when they would openly bad-mouth India... :(.

Anyway all that aside, here are some snaps.. they will tell you much more than my long paragraphs..;-)

Roll over the cursor on the photos and you can see my labels for them.


bellur said...

fantastic post. really beautiful pics. and thanks for reminding those 'crocodile, crocodile, which color do you choose' days! miss them really. :(

Sojourner said...

nice colors. have fun.

Anonymous said...

nice pictures.

don't worry - parents swalpa adjust madkotare.

- s.b.

pavan kumar said...

[s.b.] awesome link! she truly is hip-hop grandma!

[shark] wow, I hadnt thought in that angle yet.. and you got me thinking (as to how to make the experience most comfi for them)..

Vin said...

Colorful!!! and really Wow !!

GuNs said...

You making chapattis !!
ROTFL once again, its SO...SO WEIRD to hear about a shark that makes chapattis for food !


P.S. Excuse my rude remark here, consider that I was drunk juice !

Ashish said...

Lots of photos, and really liked some of them.

silkboard said...

Parents who had never traveled abroad visiting us is my best memory from the times at US. The thrill you get by seeing the awe they experience and display (touching the kid etc) is so so worth it - can ignore all those food problems.

Back in the SF bay area, there are veg only Indian restaurants, so lesser of a problem there. But on the road, god save you if they are not game for Subway Veggie delights!

Veena Shivanna said...

somehow those photos reminded me my Mysooru! Great ones!!
ondu satya.. seasons are so worthwhile on the globe.. Look our mother nature is changing her colors so much according to the need so there is no surprise in we showing our different natures at different times as need demands! :-) This has a positive touch to the thought! :-)

Anonymous said...

you guys, talking of vegetarian food on the road. i was rotfl-ing when watching a dialogue in 'america america'. it went something along the lines of "let's eat out and have nice lunch - let's go taco bell!"


thank you - glad you enjoyed. i though i had linked hiphopgmom somewhere else too, maybe you don't read that blog. i need to have a blog which consists only of links so i don't have to comment everywhere :-).


constructive criticism: you need to use a better e-mail address. looks like you never check this address unless specifically informed! :-)

- s.b.

shark said...

@bellur: Thanks :) I am sure your son will make you re-live all those very soon...

@sojourner: Thanks :)

@s.b: WOW! That was a cool post.. I had seen you give that link in bellur's blog... really liked the lady! She is really something :)

@pavan: I think they will be excited to see all the good stuff around..:) If we just put some extra effort on food.. we should be able to make it nice for them ..:)

@vin: Thanks :)

@guns: :P Incidently I am the only vegetarian shark around..;-) so chapati's are a necessity.:D

By the way I also imgained an "actual-shark" making those.. and I couldn't help laugh myself...LOL!!!

@ashish: Thank you :)

@silkboard: Yes I am sure they will enjoy the rest of their stay very much here.. if only food was taken care of... so I will put that extra effort and make chapathi's..:)

@veena: It reminded you of Mysore...:) That's nice.. but I have never seen such different colors in India...

@s.b (again): Critisism taken. I will be more regular to that id from now on..:)

December Stud said...

Beautiful Pics !!! Amazing colors !!! Awesome !!!

k@rTh1K said...

nice colors... :):) really beautiful pictures...


Veena Shivanna said...

Shark, I shall you some pics which are exactly like this. I had taken some pics in the Mallibu temple & some on Phoenix roads with such trees & I had sent my friend saying that those were taken in Western Ghats of India.. People started talking about Chikkamangalur, KemmaNgundi, kudremukh & what not.. Kukke subramanya was one such place where I loved these scenes.
Mysore was for the Gulmohar trees, which had red & orange during May, green during the March & were absoultely empty during those fall perdiod!

Anonymous said...

never heard about this 'crocodile crocodile'. is that a bengalooru thing or a karnataka thing or a new era thing?


please put those photos on your aminus3 account.

- s.b.

Kavi said...

Hey, looks like you've had an awesome time !

Veena Shivanna said...

SB.. Americage hogi ella marthodra ? it is very much from us only.. not sure whether Mysore or Bangalooru.. but almost all my friends & cousins have played this game.. Googlisi nodi :-)
Photos on aminus account, sure.. will do it !one by one!!

Anonymous said...


thank you - i googled (duh! why didn't i think of that myself!) and can assure you that i have never played it, nor have i seen anyone else play it! maybe either different state different games, or ... who knows.

- s.b.

shark said...

@december stud: Thanks! :)

@veena: I got those pictures... and WOW! I can't believe they are taken in India :) Thanks!

@king kong: Thanks :)

@s.b: I think that was more a "girl" game.. becasue obviously girls wear more colorful clothes..;-)

@kavi: Thanks :)

Viky said...

Wow ... is all I can say at the colours !!!

Anonymous said...

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Ali said...


It may sound funny but i was looking for the ""Crocodile Crocodile.. which color do you want?" game on the internet and i ran into your blog.

Well i used to play this game as well but i don't remember the game anymore. If you remember how to play the game please drop me a message.

Really appreciate.

P.S: Great pictures