Monday, March 13, 2006

CHIKKI - The groundnut Delicacy

First of all let me welcome myself...:) This is my first blog!

"Like wind I travel through various emotions, hardly retracing my steps, feeling every inch on my way back home."

Nice thought. I for one i guess is the greatest emotional nincompoop on this earth....!
There is nothing I can do to stop my tears... be it a happy occation or a sad one... or watching a K serial also!!!
Emotions are the ones which makes us... which defines us... how we react to a particular situation tells others what we are.

Now what does all this story have to do anything with the title i have specified "chikki"!!!!
If you don't know what chikki is... well... it's a ground nut delicacy:) hardened with jaggery.

Just this afternoon I was having a small piece of this chikki.,... and what all emotions i went thru... first the feeling of pleasure of eating something which i love a lot.... then the feeling of sadness when it gets over so soon..... and the feeling of anger when you get a not so good groundnut in between...!!! ah!! how many emotions in a matter of say 10 mins?

That's how life is....:)

To close this...

"Don't measure the number of breaths you take, but measure the moments that take your breath away..:)" - swami vivekananda


Hardu said...

You like Chikki? How come I did not know about it???

shark said...

:) I like chikki... yes... but nothing to beat apfel rings..;-)

Hardu said...

shark??? Yene adu? You want to eat up people is it? BTW, I did not tell you right? I do not eat apfel rings anymore as I saw its contents and it has pork gelatin.
:( Better late than never. So stopped it!

shark said...

hardu: Oh god! Pork gelatin!!!
Mera dharam brasht hogaya...;-)
and what a dissapointment... i loved them so much...:((((((

well shark is not just plain "shark"... there's something hidden in that... try figuring it out... shouldn't be very difficult for you...

Hardu said...

Yes. Really sad. I miss it too. :(

Shark.. hmmm.. I don't see any P in it, so I have no idea. ;)

shark said...

keep guessing...:P

Hardu said...

Don't tell me it is for Shah Rukh Khan!!! God!!!!

Girl Interrupted said...

"Like wind I travel through various emotions, hardly retracing my steps, feeling every inch on my way back home."

I am honoured that you chose to unquote my quote.....One day when I become famous I will include you in one of my speaches!!!!!